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Jim Cutlass p34 T4 Owner : SupHermann

Very cool. I really like the atmosphere and the inking.

Posted on: 6/16/19 10:19 AM
Wolverine Limited Series #3 Pg.20 Owner : Sylvain

A real beauty, this one.

Posted on: 6/10/19 7:11 PM
Daredevil: Man without fear #5 p12 Owner : Matthias

Fabulous splash from a great story.

Posted on: 4/21/19 11:53 AM
Le Rendez-vous de Sevenoaks Owner : Fritz

Wonderful page!

Posted on: 3/30/19 7:03 PM
The Spirit - Mr Bowser’s Election p1 Owner : SupHermann

Great humourous splash page from Eisner´s prime period. Many congratulations!

Posted on: 3/9/19 9:21 AM
Sean Gordon Murphy - Batman White Knight Diptyque Owner : bobfish01

Very cool. Great atmosphere.

Posted on: 3/8/19 7:01 PM
Original page of Corto Maltese - The Youth of Corto Maltese Owner : Pancho


Posted on: 2/18/19 7:17 PM
Blueberry- Le Spectre Aux Balles d’Or Owner : Sam06

Fabulous page, especially the light and shade effects.

Posted on: 2/12/19 5:32 PM
Stan Drake Heart of Juliet Jones Sunday 1954 Owner : DrHackenbusch

Elegant and delicious.

Posted on: 12/20/18 7:05 PM
Les Ethiopiques - Les Hommes-léopards du Rufiji Owner : RNG

Excellent atmosphere.

Posted on: 12/13/18 7:07 PM
1990 - El Gaucho - Manara Owner : EricB

Very nice action-filled page from an underestimated album.

Posted on: 12/8/18 7:06 PM
Moebius: INCAL- John Difool - 1985 Splash masterpiece Owner : robpistella

That´s a fabulous one. Many congrats!

Posted on: 11/8/18 7:06 PM
Comanche - Les shériffs Owner : fabcollection

Dynamic and intense page, shows what Hermann could do when he was at the top of his game.

Posted on: 10/31/18 10:00 AM
Bringing Up Father 3/9/30 Owner : SupHermann

Very nice example from the great and undervalued Bringing up Father.

Posted on: 10/6/18 11:22 PM
La jeunesse de Corto p42 Owner : SupHermann

Absolutely fabulous Corto page, expressive, evocative and beautiful.

Posted on: 10/6/18 11:12 PM
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