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Blake & Mortimer - Le Cri du Moloch - Illustration Owner : falonex

A great illustration for a few of the most famous and most historical comics/BD characters.

Posted on: 6/16/22, 7:40 PM
Conan le Cimmérien t10 - La maison aux trois bandits - Couverture Owner : falonex

Awesome cover and beautiful use of the grey tones by the artist. Congratulations.

Posted on: 1/30/22, 7:11 PM
100 Bullet Issue # 100 page 21 Owner : Roniz

Awesome page. I loved the serie, great story by Azzarello and Risso is a master of the medium. Top choice indeed !!!!

Posted on: 1/23/21, 8:59 PM
Batman - White Knight Owner : Difool

I remember this Batmobile from the first Tim Burton's Batman. I love that film. Superbe planche.

Posted on: 11/13/20, 8:42 AM
Bruno Brazil - Quitte ou double pour Alak 6 Owner : Mzee

William Vance at his best. A stunning planche.

Posted on: 11/3/20, 12:13 AM
Batman - Curse of the White Knight Owner : bobfish01

An asesome page. I love the inking work and the washed effects. A beatiful and innovative interpretation by S. G. Murphy. Congrats for your purchase.

Posted on: 9/18/20, 2:21 PM
THE PHANTOM. Owner : Simone74

Hi Outlawtupac, for the moment I don't think to sell the piece, obviously in the future never say never....

Posted on: 8/23/20, 8:45 PM
IRON MAN Owner : Simone74

Hi Outlawtupac, sorry but for the moment I don't think to sell It, in the future never say never.....

Posted on: 8/23/20, 8:43 PM
Conan (Savage sword of), planche originale 17 Owner : MATHO

Great page. In my opinion Conan is the best work by Buscema. Congrats.

Posted on: 6/13/20, 3:33 PM
Couverture Blueberry : The end of the trail Owner : BBFR

Awesome cover by the master. Congrats.

Posted on: 6/13/20, 3:28 PM
Batman - Curse of the White Knight Owner : bobfish01

Beautiful page and great inking work by Murphy.

Posted on: 3/26/20, 7:35 PM
Conan le Cimmérien - Au-delà de la rivière noire Pl 41 Owner : falonex

Beautiful action page and great inking work. Congrats for your Conan collection.

Posted on: 2/16/20, 7:07 PM
Carmen - Belles de nuit Owner : Waline

Whoa ... thank you for sharing this stunning Ladroit ' s masterpiece.

Posted on: 1/14/20, 6:03 PM
1992 - Histoire d'X [v/s] Griffes d'Ange Owner : Carbonnieux

A wonderful cover by the master with his distinctive and elegant line. Superbe.

Posted on: 1/8/20, 11:08 PM
Fée noire - Ovale Owner : mariol

A beautiful female visage with vibrant colors and a great flowers composition. A perfect example of the Ledroit art style. Congratulation.

Posted on: 12/27/19, 2:49 PM
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