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Timour n° 5, « Le Captif de Carthage », publicité de fin d'album, 1957. by Sirius - Illustration

Timour n° 5, « Le Captif de Carthage », publicité de fin d'album, 1957.

Première publication.
Seconde publication.
L'album en édition originale.
L'album en édition originale.


SIRIUS : encre de chine et rehauts de gouache blanche pour une illustration publiée en page 48 de l’édition originale du 5ème volume de TIMOUR, Le Captif de Carthage, DUPUIS, 1957. Repris également en page 48 de l'édition originale du 7ème album, Le Gladiateur masqué, DUPUIS, 1959.

Il était de tradition à l'époque de faire en fin d'album la promotion du Journal de Spirou ou des beaux albums édités par Monsieur DUPUIS.

Une sympathique composition. La mer Méditerranée, les palmiers, les plages de sable, le soleil, une crique, un petit port, des bateaux… Il ne manque que le Journal de Spirou, et c’est le paradis !


  • Le captif de Carthage
  • Dupuis
  • 01/1957
  • Interior page

About Sirius

Max Mayeu has worked under a variety of pseudonyms, such as Marco and Badour, but he is best known as Sirius. Born in Soignies, Hainaut, Mayeu grew up in several locations in Spain and South-France, because his father was an engineer who had to travel a lot because of his profession. While studying law in Brussels, he was a journalist for student magazines like L'Avant-Garde and Le Nouveau Journal. He first used his pseudonym Sirius in the pages of Le Patriote Illustré, a paper for a bourgeois audience published by La Libre Belgique. Sirius joined the Marcinelle-based publisher Dupuis and it's magazine Spirou in 1942. He remained with this magazine for the rest of his career. He took on a more realistic style and created the action series 'L'Épervier Bleu', a sort of Jack London in comics format. Due to censorship, this series was discontinued in 1953, and didn't return until 20 years later. When 'L'Épervier Bleu' was discontinued in 1953, Sirius began his long-running 'Les Timour' series, based on an idea of Xavier Snoeck. Every episode of this saga explores another period in history with always another member of the Timour dynasty. Text (c) Lambiek


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renardeau Très sympa...un petit dessin pour une petite pub, mais c'est du travail soigné!....ils n'avaient pas la grosse tête à l'époque...
Oct 10, 2016, 11:29 AM