1984-03 Newton/Alcala: Batman #369 p19 vs. Deadshot by Donald L. Newton, Alfredo P. Alcala - Comic Strip

1984-03 Newton/Alcala: Batman #369 p19 vs. Deadshot

Comic Strip


"when Alfredo began Inking Don, Batman pencils, first in Detective and then in a long stint in Batman, many cried foul. Alcala's, heavy style obscured the Newton-ness of the artwork. But after about a year working together, something strange happened: synergy.
Alcala began to back off a bit on the heaviness of the inks and you'd see this beautiful Newton anatomy, these extraordinarily expressive faces, and these wonderful quirky Newton characters with these thick, rich inks, not at odds with the pencils, but caressing and enriching them. Sometimes the results were pure magic. In some ways Alcala's, Inks harkened back to Don, own brushy fandom work. Alcala began to play with the blacks that could dominate Don's pencils, adding texture and depth."
--Back Issue #19 p.62

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