1981-09 Garcia-Lopez/Giordano: DC Special Series #27 Batman vs. the Incredible Hulk p19 by José Luis García-López, Dick Giordano - Comic Strip

1981-09 Garcia-Lopez/Giordano: DC Special Series #27 Batman vs. the Incredible Hulk p19

Comic Strip
Pencil and Ink


"dc took good use of his brilliant figure work (and his amazing
storytelling style) when they did a crossover with Marvel Comics.
García-López drew the tale, and wow, I haven't looked at these pages
in awhile - I remember them being good, but I didn't even remember
just HOW good he was. You have got to read this comic for yourself,
people! Practically every page is just brilliant!"

As a bonus, the page refers to Batman's everlasting struggle with the Joker!!!

About José Luis García-López

sé Luis Garcia-Lopez was born in Spain, but moved to live in Argentina in 1952. In Argentina, he worked on various features, including 'Sergente Kirk' and 'Roland'. In the late 1960s, he began working on the romance titles of Charlton Comics (Hollywood Romances, Love Diary, Teen Confessions, Time for Love). In 1974 he moved to New York, where he started working on such DC titles as 'Superman', 'Batman', 'Hawkman', 'Tarzan' and 'Jonah Hex'. His powerful and personal style made him one of the best 'Superman' artists. He worked on the 'Superman' comic from 1975 to 1982, doing interiors as well as front covers. Garcia-Lopez has continued working for DC to this day, and his additional credits include 'Atari Force', 'Cinder and Ashe', 'Road to Perdition', 'Deadman', 'New Teen Titans' and a great amount of promotional artwork. Text (c) Lambiek


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FredChamberlain Beautiful page by an amazing artist.
Feb 12, 2017, 6:34 PM
Zenitram Lopez and giordano, dream team for Batman ?
Jun 17, 2016, 7:29 AM
Mike1 Neat and efficient.
Mar 2, 2016, 11:05 PM