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Essex County Volume 1: Tales From the Farm p17 Propriétaire : driesdewulf

Great page from one of the best comics in the past 20 years.

Posté le: 03/11/18 19:25
1995 - Nestor Burma : Casse-pipe à la Nation Propriétaire : Carbonnieux

Wow! Spectacular page! Everything you could want in a Tardi.

Posté le: 11/10/18 20:58
Couverture de Métal Hurlant Propriétaire : JD

So Cool! Thank you for the smile.

Posté le: 17/09/18 07:37
Frank Robbins Johnny Hazard Try-Out Daily/Panel 1943 First appearance Brandy Propriétaire : DrHackenbusch

Such a cool piece of history and what a great panel/daily that is.

Posté le: 12/09/18 00:19
Tribute to Otomo Propriétaire : Julia

Beautiful page. I am glad I got to enjoy it for a few weeks.

Posté le: 03/08/18 19:24
El Inquilino Propriétaire : MattMurdock

Very nice and moody page. Breccia is such a genius.

Posté le: 24/07/18 15:03
Rip Kirby 08/07/1947 Propriétaire : zyxon

Very nice daily. Beautiful girls!

Posté le: 09/07/18 22:39
Moebius - Vers AEDENA Flutiste Propriétaire : Baptiste12


Posté le: 04/06/18 02:50
Wika et les fees noires (tome 2 luxe) double planche 30-31 bis Propriétaire : Julia

Amazingly intricate and beautiful.

Posté le: 26/03/18 21:29
Guide to Burlesque 1/3 - GQ Magazine Propriétaire : zyxon

Great Pope pieces. Each panel stands alone as a great image but that first panel steals the show.

Posté le: 21/03/18 00:18
Jacques TARDI Adèle Blanc-Sec – Les mystère des profondeurs - Planche 7 Propriétaire : Popotche

Wow! Beautiful Tardi!

Posté le: 05/03/18 21:59
Defective stories - living in the ice age Propriétaire : geert1980

Nice page. So much fun stuff going on and all of it in typical Burns genius style.

Posté le: 05/03/18 21:58
Punk Rock and Mobile homes Propriétaire : JD

Great page. Derf's art and comics are fantastic.

Posté le: 04/03/18 20:43
Urban - Enquête Immobile Propriétaire : pmb68

Great art from a great series. Excellent choice.

Posté le: 04/03/18 20:41
Nestor Burma Propriétaire : KarloKarlo

How can there be no comments on such a great page by Tardi. This is a really nice looking page.

Posté le: 25/02/18 11:18
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