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Yataca - Le Clan des Tamanoirs - 10ème épisode by Ferdinando Tacconi, Jean Ollivier - Comic Strip

Yataca - Le Clan des Tamanoirs - 10ème épisode

Comic Strip
Planche originale sans son film couleur


Planche 33 du 10ème épisode de Yataca, dessiné par Tacconi sur scénario de Jean Ollivier.
Publication dans Yataca 10 (Mon Journal, 1969).
Planche accompagnée de son film couleur.

About Ferdinando Tacconi

Ferdinando Tacconi was an Italian comics artist. Tacconi was born in Milan. He earned a degree in Applied Arts from Castello Sforzesco. After collaborating as an illustrator to the magazines Grazia and Confidenze, Tacconi entered the comics field after World War II, debuting with the comic series Sciuscià and later working on a number of comics in Italy, France, and the United Kingdom. His main works included Gli Aristocratici, which he co-created with Alfredo Castelli, L'uomo del Deserto, L'uomo di Rangoon, Dylan Dog and Nick Raider. He often worked for Il Giornalino where he co-created with Gino D'Antonio the series Susanna and Uomini senza gloria. Tacconi died in Milan after a long period of poor health. He was 83.

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