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Watchmen #8 p. 19 by Dave Gibbons - Original art

Watchmen #8 p. 19

Original art


Big box checked off. Extremely happy to add a Watchmen page to the collection. Fantastic scene of Silk Spectre and Nite Owl chasing down Rorschach to bust him out. All the while, Rorschach on one track to exact justice on a terrified Big Figure.

Phenomenal scene and storytelling from the masters, Moore and Gibbons. Love how each panel switches back and forth between the duo's search and Rorschach's. The variation in perspective just creates fantastic drama.

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About Dave Gibbons

David Chester "Dave" Gibbons is an English comic book artist, writer and sometimes letterer. He is best known for his collaborations with writer Alan Moore, which include the miniseries Watchmen and the Superman story "For the Man Who Has Everything". He was an artist for the UK anthology 2000 AD, for which he contributed a large body of work from its first issue in 1977.