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Vigilante 2009 #12 by Rick Leonardi, John Stanisci - Comic Strip

Vigilante 2009 #12

Comic Strip


Signée Rick Leonardi

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About Rick Leonardi

Rick Leonardi was born in Philadelphia in 1957 and grew up in New England. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1979, then had several jobs for over a decade. He started drawing for Marvel in 1980. He has drawn for various titles, including 'Spider-Man', 'Hulk', 'Vision and Scarlet Witch', 'Cloak & Dagger' and 'Uncanny X-Men'. In the 1990s, he co-created 'Spider-Man 2099', as well as the mini-series 'Colossus TPB: God's Country' and 'Rampaging Hulk'. In addition to his Marvel work, he was present at Dark Horse in the 1990s with 'Predator' and at DC with 'Batman' and 'Teen Titans'.. Text (c) Lambiek