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Out There #11 by Humberto Ramos - Comic Strip

Out There #11

Comic Strip


Signée Humberto Ramos

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About Humberto Ramos

Mexican comic book artist Humberto Ramos began working for American comic market in 1993. With his recognizable cartoonesque and manga-inspired style, he became one of the most noted artists for his work for companies as DC, Milestone and Marvel. He began his career drawing 'Hardware' for Milestone Media, but he had his breakthrough with the 'Impulse' series, that was published by Image Comics and later DC. Ramos worked on a couple of other DC and Wildstorm titles until 2002, and was one of the co-founders of the Cliffhanger imprint for Wildstorm Productions in 1998. It was through Cliffhanger that he created his critically acclaimed titles 'Crimson' (1998-2001) and 'Out There' (2001-2003) with Bryan Augustyn. Ramos filled in for Mark Buckingham on Marvel's 'Peter Parker: Spider-Man', before heb had his run on 'Spectacular Spider-Man' with writer Brian Jenkins in 2003-2004. Also with Jenkins, he made the six-issue miniseries 'Revelations' for Dark Horse (2005), while Cliffhanger published another mini-series by Ramos, 'Kamikaze'. Ramos then headed back to Marvel to draw 'Wolverine' in cooperation with scriptwrtier Marc Guggenheim. During the same period, he began an association with the French comic artist Crisse to draw three books in the series 'Kookaburra K' for Soleil Productions (2006-2010). Text (c) Lambiek