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Toshio Maeda La Blue Girl by Toshio Maeda - Comic Strip

Toshio Maeda La Blue Girl

Comic Strip
circa 1990
36 x 26 cm (14.17 x 10.24 in.)


Signed by Toshio Maeda in japanese


Beautiful page from Toshio Maeda's classic "La blue girl" sporting the main character in four panels.

About Toshio Maeda

Toshio Maeda (前田俊夫 Maeda Toshio) is an erotic manga artist who was prolific in the 1980s and '90s. Several of Maeda's works have been used as a basis for Original video animations (OVA) including La Blue Girl, Adventure Kid, Demon Beast Invasion, Demon Warrior Koji and his most infamous work, Urotsukidōji (Legend of the Overfiend).
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