The Spider by Reg Bunn - Comic Strip

The Spider

Comic Strip

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About Reg Bunn

Reg Bunn was a prolific artist of the Thriller Comics Library. He began his career with the Amalgamated Press in 1949, drawing a western strip called 'Buck Jones' in Comet. His many 'Robin Hood' comics for Comet are among his best known work. He was so associated with the 'Robin Hood' comic that, whenever another artist drew the comic, Bunn was often asked to fill in the faces to achieve a conformity of style. Besides his extensive work for the Thriller Comics Library, Bunn also drew for Sun ('Clip McCord'), The Border Trumpet ('US Cavalry Westerns of Ernest Haycox'), The White Invader ('James Warner Bellah') and on titles such as 'Black Hood', 'The Scottish Chiefs' and 'Captain Kid'. He became a regular artist for Lion and Tiger in the early 1960s, creating among others 'The Spider' with Ted Cowan. Text (c) Lambiek