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The Rugrats by Scott Roberts, Will Blyberg, Gordon Kent - Comic Strip

The Rugrats

Comic Strip
circa 2000
43 x 17.8 cm (16.93 x 7.01 in.)






"les Razmokets" en français

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About Scott Roberts

Scott Roberts was born in New Jersey in 1956. Growing up in suburban Ridgewood, he absorbed cartoons in every form or medium he could find them. He worked hard to develop characters and concepts of his own. In 1965, at the age of nine, he created Patty-Cake. Thirty-three years later, Patty-Cake was the star of an Eisner-Nominated, internationally-read comic book, with more than twenty issues and a trade paperback. Scott also kept busy with numerous side projects, like 'Miep & Patches, Comic Book Defenders', which ran in the Comics Buyer's Guide, Mini-Comics like 'Bob the Man' and 'Because it was Your Birthday', and collaborations with the likes of Marcus Lusk ('Tales from the Bog') and Chris Yambar ('Mr.Beat'). Roberts has also drawn for the 'Rugrats' newspaper strip. He is a regular contributor to Nickelodeon magazine and the Cartoon Network comics of DC. Roberts is the colorist of the 'Prince Valiant' comic. Text (c) Lambiek