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Tessa T7 - P38 by Stéphane Louis, Nicolas Mitric - Comic Strip

Tessa T7 - P38

Comic Strip
Mixed Media


Une planche du dernier tome de la série.
Elle est très représentative de l'univers de Tessa avec une héroïne en mauvaise posture et un gros bordel autour d'elle ;-).
A noter que la planche est sans blanco ou rustine.


  • Les Visions de l'Av-Eugg'
  • Soleil Productions
  • 02/2015
  • Interior page

About Stéphane Louis

Stéphane Louis is a self-taught artist, who publishes his work under solely his last name. He made his first comic stories in fanzines like Le Grimoire. He also cooperated with more professional magazines like Comic Box and Dixième Planète. He did his first professional work for Semic, drawing stories with characters like 'Phénix' and 'Woody Woodpecker'. He has also done comics from the Semic Universe for the American market, such as 'Darkness'. He makes the sci-fi series 'Tessa - Agent Intergalactique' in cooperation with scenarist Nicolas Mitric for Soleil since 2004. He also developed a spin-off series called '42 Agents intergalactiques' in 2006. Louis also provided script and artwork for the 9th book in the series 'Kookaburra Universe'. In 2011 he created the series 'Escobar, le Dernier Maya' for Le Lomard, followed by 'Miss Deeplane' for Clair de Lune in 2013. Louis is also a scriptwriter for other series, having created 'Khaal, Chroniques d'un empereur galactique' with Valentin Sécher (Soleil, 2011), the second 'Husk' book with Arnaud Boudoiron (Soleil, 2009), 'Ultime Étoile' with Julien Motteler (Clair de Lune, 2013) and 'Edgar Allan Poe' with Bastien Orenge and Thomas Verguet (Soleil, 2014). Stéphane Louis has also worked as a designer for advertisements, communication purposes and websites. Text (c) Lambiek


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