André-Paul Duchâteau, Bernard Swysen, Swysen, pl du Mystère de la chambre jaune - Comic Strip

Swysen, pl du Mystère de la chambre jaune

Comic Strip


Pl très ligne claire du Mystère de la chambre jaune, l'adaptation en bd scénarisée par AP Duchateau.
Strips jacobsiens et ligne claire hergéenne réunis...

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About André-Paul Duchâteau

André-Paul Duchâteau is one of the best realistic comic scenario-writers for the French/Belgian market. After a few novels, André-Paul Duchâteau wrote his first comic scenarios in 1948 for magazines like Bravo, Mickey Magazine and Spirou, working in the studio of Tenas and Rali. He started working with Tibet in 1951 and their first comics were published in Tintin and Ons Volkske, soon followed by legendary series like 'Ric Hochet' and 'Chick Bill'. In the 1960s Duchâteau intensified his activities, writing scenarios for Mittéï ('Les 3A'), Aidans ('Bob Binn'), Parras ('Commissaire Marin') and Eddy Paape ('Les Jeux de Toah'). His collaboration with Christian Denayer produced the series 'Yalek', 'Alain Chevallier' and 'Les Casseurs'. In the 1970s, Duchâteau succeeded Jean Van Hamme as the writer of Géri's 'Mr Magellan', and he wrote scenarios for artists such as Paape ('Luc Oriënt', 'Yorik des Tempêtes'), Cosey ('Monfreid et Tilbury'), MiTacq ('Stany Derval'), Follet ('Valhardi') and Pleyers ('Tiger Joe'). In the 1980s he launched new series with Grzegorz Rosinski (the science fiction saga 'Hans'), Patrice Sanahujas ('Serge Morand', 'Chancellor'), Vance ('Bruce J. Hawker') and Xavier Musquera ('Peggy Press'). In late 1980s he became literary editor of Lombard publishers. In 1989 he became responsible for the collection BD Détectives of Lefrancq publishers Text (c) Lambiek