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Spirou, 2009. by Jean-Michel Thiriet - Sketch

Spirou, 2009.

Felt-tip pen


Jean-Michel THIRIET : feutre indélébile pour un portrait en pied de Spirou dans son rôle initial de groom, tel qu'imaginé par ROB-VEL en 1938. Exécuté en 2009 sur une feuille A 4, illustration dédicacée et signée THIRIET.

About Jean-Michel Thiriet

Born in Germany, Jean-Michel Thiriet's first comics were published in the magazine Psikopat in the early 1980s. The first album that collected his work appeared in 1985, 'Riche et Célèbre'. He was an editor of the magazine Fluide Glacial from 1987 to 1993. He produced numerous absurd and humorous short stories for the magazine, that were collected in albums such as 'Histoires Peu Crédibles', 'Contes d'à-Côté', 'Trois Tiers de Trio' and 'Trois Tiers de Trio dans l'Espace'. He has also published an album at L'Association, called 'Verte Campagne'. Since the mid-1990s, he is also a versatile collaborator of Spirou magazine. For this magazine, he also produced countless short stories, as well as the series 'Le Figurant' and the gag strip 'Radio Yoyo'. As a scenario writer, Thiriet has worked with nearly all the regular contributors to both magazines, most notably Baron Brumaire ('Combien de Marins?' in Fluide Glacial, 'La Vie Moderne' in Spirou), Nikita Mandryka ('Cybertimes' in Spirou) and Manu Larcenet (cartoons in Spirou, collected in the album series 'La Vie est Courte'). Besides his comic work, Thiriet is active in multimedia and television projects. Text (c) Lambiek


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