Scot Eaton: Secret Avengers 12 by Scot Eaton, Jaime mendoza - Comic Strip

Scot Eaton: Secret Avengers 12

Comic Strip
43 x 28 cm (16.93 x 11.02 in.)
Page publiée


Scot EATON: SECRET AVENGERS#12.1 p12 avec Valkyrie, War Machine et Ant-Man

About Scot Eaton

Scot Eaton began his career in the 1990s, and he has worked for nearly all of the major US publishers. He has drawn well-known Marvel characters like 'Captain America', 'Thor', 'Spider-Man', 'X-Men' and 'Rogue', but also DC's 'Swamp Thing' and 'Green Lantern' and Crossgen's 'Sigil'.

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jtsmillenium Je suis 100 % d'accord avec Becoolman ! Bravo !
May 30, 2020, 8:48 PM
becoolman J aime beaucoup le découpage dynamique de cette planche. Par ailleurs très bien dessinée !
May 30, 2020, 11:47 AM