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Rideau magnétique - Sidéral n°61 (Artima), 1976 by Alan Doyer, José Espinosa Serrano - Comic Strip

Rideau magnétique - Sidéral n°61 (Artima), 1976

Comic Strip


L'attribution de cette planche à Alan Doyer, pseudo de José Espinosa Serrano, est loin d'être une certitude.


  • Rideau magnétique
  • Arédit
  • 10/1976
  • Interior page

About Alan Doyer

José Espinosa Serrano, who uses the pseudonym Alan Doyer, worked as an agency artist. He is the artist for the popular war comic 'Johnny Comando' from the collection Hazañas Bélicas of the publishing house Toray. A supporting character in 'Johnny Comando' called Gorila became so popular that he became the main character in the series. Eugenio Sotillos provided the pretty humorous scripts. Also for Toray, he illustrated several comic adaptations novels in the collection Novelas Gráficas Clásicas in 1966, and did the same for Bruguera's collection Joyas Literarias Juveniles ('Un Capitán de quince años', 'El Diablo de la Pradera'). Text (c) Lambiek


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