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Prometeo by Christophe Bec - Sketch



About Christophe Bec

Christophe Bec was born in Rodez in the south of France, but spent the first months of his life in Morocco, because of his parents' work. Attracted to comics from early childhood, Bec began his comics career by producing fanzines and a comic album published by a local publisher. His Esquisse fanzine was nominated for best fanzine at the 1989 comics festival in Angoulême. He joined the Comics School of Angoulême in the following year. Bec has worked with scriptwriter Stéphane Betbeder on the psychological thriller 'Hôtel Particulier' at Soleil in 2000). It was reprinted as 'Anna' by La boîte à bulles in 2004. In 2001 Bec joined publisher Les Humanoïdes Associés to create the trilogy 'Sanctuaire' with Xavier Dorison. The series was a big hit, and it has been published in the USA by DC Comics under the title 'Sanctum'. By 2004 Bec had started writing scenarios for other comic artists. In 2008 he started 'Prométhée' at Soleil, a series for which he does both script and artwork. He handed over the artwork of the series to other artists from the third book in 2010. He used his fascination for the giant Robert Wadlow (1918-1940) for the one shot comic 'Wadlow, la trop courte destinée de l'homme le plus grand du monde', drawn by Nicolas Sure and published by Les Quadrants. In 2013 he started 'Death Mountains', a western series drawn by Daniel Brecht and published by Casterman.
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