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Kyle Baker, Pourquoi je déteste Saturne (Why I hate Saturn) - page 89 - Comic Strip

Pourquoi je déteste Saturne (Why I hate Saturn) - page 89

Comic Strip
circa 1990
Mixed Media


L'histoire commence à New-York par une discussion savoureusement drôle entre Anne et Ricky. La soeur d'Anne débarque et on découvre qu'elle est pour le moins bizarre (elle croit venir de Saturne). Là, tout se précipite et la comédie grinçante vire à l'aventure échevelée.

Le texte est atypiquement placé sous le dessin, mais l'immersion est rapide car le graphisme très épuré s'avère remarquablement efficace.

En bref, cet album est :
1. inclassable
2. un véritable bijou


  • Pourquoi je déteste Saturne
  • Delcourt
  • 11/1999
  • Interior page
  • Why I Hate Saturn
  • Dc Comics
  • 06/1990
  • Interior page

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About Kyle Baker

Kyle Baker is the author of the successful graphic novels 'You are Here', 'Why I Hate Saturn', 'The Cowboy Wally Show' and 'I Die at Midnight'. His cartoons is appeared in big journals and magazines such as The New York Times, Esquire, Rolling Stone and New York Magazine. For this last magazine he illustrated the weekly 'Bad Publicity' strip for three years. He began his career in the 1980s, drawing for a great many comics companies. Among his earliest credits are Marvel's 'Spider-Man' and 'New Mutants'. Other comics work was published by Deluxe/Lodestone (1985), DC (1986-91), Dolphin/Doubleday (1988), New Comics Group (1989), Titan Books (1989), Piranha Press/DC (1990), Valiant (1990), First (1990-91), and Dark Horse (1994). He has done Disney adventure strips, as well as comic adaptations of 'Through the Looking-glass' and the 'Dick Tracy' movie. Baker has been awarded with the Harvey Award and the Eisner Award, and has also been working in the animation field. Text (c) Lambiek