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Planche 9 by Georges Grammat - Comic Strip

Planche 9

Comic Strip
circa 1980


Planche 9 ( série mythologie par les bulles )

About Georges Grammat

Georges Grammat is a French illustrator, who did some comics in the 1970s. He was present in Pilote in 1972 with 'Saint-Piastre - Le Buste Impérial'. He continued to work for the magazine until 1974, drawing various short stories with scripts by among others De Beketch and Pélaprat. He continued to work with Pélaprat in Tintin with 'Brigade Antigag' (1976). Also for Tintin, he produced the gag series 'Dimi' from 1976 to 1977. In 1976, he drew 'Fanfarax à Marseille' in Formule 1.

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