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Pistolero # 36 by Rafael Gallur Rivas - Original Cover

Pistolero # 36

Original Cover
39 x 30 cm (15.35 x 11.81 in.)
Pistolero - Verdugo de la Frontera # 36




Sensacionales – PISTOLERO - Rafael Gallur

Chabela agressée

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About Rafael Gallur Rivas

Rafael Gallur was born in Mexico City. He began his career assisting Zótico Fonseca and Carlos Mabridis and published his first work in newspaper La Prensa. He then worked for the publishing house Edar (later Vid) on comic books like Mini Terror, Mini Aventuras and Mini Policíaras, and for EJEA on 'Frank Kein', 'Posesion Diabolica' and 'Sangre India'. He eventually left the illustrations of comics to focus on cover paintings, among others for Sensacionales de Lucha, Vaqueros and Maestros under the pseudonym Garr. He later returned to interior art with stories for Arena, and inking jobs for DC and the 'Star Trek' mini-series. Gallur is an illustrator for the Ghetto Librettos (small Mexican pulp comic books full of sex and violence) by Editorial Mango, like El Pisolero, Guerreros del Ring and Guerreros Del Ring Especiales. Text (c) Lambiek

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STRANGE35 Oh les vilains méchants ! Oh la vilaine belle ! Superbe
Jun 28, 2020, 7:47 PM
MATHO Chouette couverture!
May 30, 2020, 1:16 PM
JD Excellent !
Oct 27, 2019, 8:23 PM
BrunoPLZ On se croirait face aux publications italiennes des années 70... J'espère qu'un Pistolero a sauvé cette pauvre demoiselle...
Oct 21, 2019, 9:22 PM
fazo Ha ! Catwoman a l'air mal barrée...
Oct 20, 2019, 4:03 PM