Or Else #4 by Kevin Huizenga - Comic Strip

Or Else #4

Comic Strip
18 x 14 cm (7.09 x 5.51 in.)
Couverture de "Or Else" #4
Page imprimée avec trames


"Or Else" est l'une des principales séries de mini-comics réalisés par Kevin Huizenga. La maison d'édition Drawn & Quarterly a repris et publié 5 volumes de la série entre 2004 et 2008. Le quatrième est désormais épuisé.

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About Kevin Huizenga

Kevin Huizenga is an American cartoonist, best known as the creator of the comics character Glenn Ganges, who appears in most of his work. Kevin first created the minicomic Supermonster (1993–2001) while he was still in high school. This is where the character of Glenn Ganges first appeared. The first issue of Huizenga ongoing Or Else comic received the Ignatz Award for Outstanding Comic in 2005.[2] Both Or Else and a collection of works, Curses were included on Time Magazine's list of the Top Ten comics of 2005[3] and 2006,[4] respectively. Since February 2008, Kevin Huizenga has published a comic strip called Amazing Facts and Beyond with Leon Beyond[5] in the St Louis Riverfront Times with cartoonists Dan Zettwoch and Ted May. New strips appear three times a month.

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