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LOIS LANE & CLARK KENT. by Claudio Castellini - Comic Strip


Comic Strip
circa 2008
43 x 29 cm (16.93 x 11.42 in.)
" Man and Superman".
" Man and Superman" deluxe edition.
Lois Lane 1
Lois Lane 2
Lois Lane 3


"Man and Superman" page 78.


Signed by Castellini Claudio.


Claudio Castellini for my taste is a master of the medium. Unfortunately he haven't realized many works because his detailed and accurate style, his attention at the human anatomy have always demanded to him much time and dedication. This page is from " Man and Superman", a story arc that should have been realized with the writter Marv Wolfman for the regular serie: " Superman Confidential" ( DC comics 2006) but the serie was canceled after only 14 numbers in April 2008 before Claudio was able to finish it. So the story remained in limbo until last years when finally was collected and published by DC comics in a single book with the title: " Man and Superman" thanks to Wolfman' s efforts. The story ( one of the favorite by Wolman himself) is simple and linear and is focused on the Clark Kent arrival from Smallville to Metropolis and the first encounter with the gorgeous journalist Lois Lane. Castellini here is a great shape, his style is elegant, realistic and in my opinion his Lois Lane is one of the most beatiful I' m able to remember. The coloring process has been realized directly on the pencil pages without the traditional inking phase but using a particular photoshop program capable to enhance, to improve the pencils ' s blacks.

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About Claudio Castellini

Claudio Castellini entered the world of comics in 1986 by winning the first prize at the ninth International Convention of Prato. Quickly after that he joined the staff of 'Dylan Dog'. Castellini was influenced by Marvel illustrators like John Buscema and Neal Adams. After a series of covers, Castellini realized the graphic novel of 'Silver Surfer'. Claudio Castellini also illustrated a number of copies of 'Amazing Spider-Man' and 'Conan the Barbarian'.