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Liaisons dangereuses - Préliminaires pl 18 by Djief, Stephane Betbeder - Comic Strip

Liaisons dangereuses - Préliminaires pl 18

Comic Strip
Double page 18-19


Planche 18 du tome 1 L'Espoir et la Vanité, des Liaisons dangereuses - Préliminaires.




  • L'Espoir & la Vanité
  • Glénat
  • 10/2017
  • Interior page
  • L'Espoir & la Vanité
  • Les Sculpteurs De Bulles
  • 10/2017
  • Interior page

About Djief

Jean-François Bergeron is a computer graphics expert, who works as a comics artist in his spare time. He made his comics debut in 1989, during an exchange between Canadian and Belgian artists. He cooperated on the collective album 'Ville-Versa'. He won a comics contest in 1990, and cooperated on the collective albums 'Écran d'Arrêt' and 'Rêves'. After illustrating some short stories scripted by André-Philippe Côté, he drew 'La Voyante' at the publishing house Falardeau in 1993. He then co-founded the fanzine Tabasko!. A fanatic of new technologies, he cooperated with Côté again on the multimedia comic 'L'Oreille Coupée'. From 2002, he is also an occasional contributor to the Belgian magazine Spirou, in cooperation with the scenarist Alcante (Didier Swysen).


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Phanoux sublime !! j'ai eu l'occasion de voir les planches de Djief, et elles sont réellement magnifiques.
Nov 28, 2017, 7:42 PM