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Lauffray - Long John Silver - T3 by Mathieu Lauffray - Comic Strip

Lauffray - Long John Silver - T3

Comic Strip
02 - Vue De Côté
03 - Partie Gauche
04 - Partie Droite
05 - Zoom Coin Gauche
06 - Planche nue
07 - Zoom bas de planche
Bronze Christophe Charbonnel & Mathieu Lauffray 2015


Réalisé en 2009.
Planche 31 du Tome 3 de "Long John Silver".
Dimensions Planche : 36 x 49 cm.
Dimensions Cadre : 104 x 75 cm.



  • Le Labyrinthe d'Émeraude
  • Dargaud
  • 05/2010
  • Page 35


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About Mathieu Lauffray

Born in Paris, Mathieu Lauffray immediately showed a strong interest in drawing. After graduating from high school, he entered a prestigious art school in Paris, the École nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs. In 1995, for his thesis, he completed Le serment de l'ambre with fellow student Frédéric Contremarche. The comic book would go on to be published by Delcourt the same year. The following year, he was given the unique opportunity of illustrating the covers of Olivier Vatine's comic book adaptation of Star Wars, published by Dark Horse. Lauffray would go on to create nearly 30 covers for the series, in parallel with illustration and design work for the press, video games, and various role-playing games. In 1999, two years after a first attempt at a feature-length animated film that never came together, Lauffray went to work on Le Pacte des loups, another animation project with Christophe Gans, working on numerous designs and storyboards. Finally, in 2000, Lauffray returned to comic books alongside Xavier Dorison, creating the Prophet series, published by Humanoïdes Associés. Two more volumes would come out before Lauffray and Dorison began work on Long John Silver in 2006, this time with Dargaud (Cinebook in English). This swashbuckling series, reaching four volumes in 2013, renewed the pirate genre with its strong storytelling and rich characters.