Lambil - Bronco Benny by Willy Lambil - Original Cover

Lambil - Bronco Benny

Original Cover
34 x 25 cm (13.39 x 9.84 in.)


Encre de Chine pour la couverture de “Bronco Benny”, 16ème album des Tuniques Bleues publié aux Éditions Dupuis en 1980. En pleine séance de dressage de Traveller, le peu loquace Bronco Benny fait un joli clin d'oeil à la couverture du 2ème album de Lucky Luke, “Rodéo”.


  • Bronco Benny
  • Dupuis
  • 11/1982
  • Front cover
  • Bronco Benny
  • Dupuis
  • 04/1980
  • Front cover

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About Willy Lambil

Willy Lambil is one of the mainstays of the publishing house Dupuis and the magazine Spirou. With a career of nearly 60 years, he is best-known as the artist of 'Les Tuniques Bleues', one of the bestselling Belgian comic book series with over 23 million copies sold. Lambil changed the visual style of the series considerably and gave the characters their definitive designs. He also drew the humoristic gag series 'Pauvre Lampil' (1973-1984), which stars a fictional version of himself and his scriptwriter Raoul Cauvin. But it took Lambil at least 15 years before his talent was truly recognized. Text (c) Lambiek