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La piscine de Micheville by Baru - Sketch

La piscine de Micheville





Dédicace au festival BD Boum Blois novembre 2019

About Baru

Thoroughly influenced by the raw humor of Reiser and the expressionist drawings of Muñoz, Baru's album debut, 'Quéquette Blues' was an instant classic. A moving semi-autobiographical tale of everyday life of French working class youth, it represented all Baru's later work in a nutshell. Two other episodes of 'Quéquette Blues' were published by Dargaud. The publishing house Futuropolis released his subsequent works 'La Communion du Mino' (1985) and 'Vive la Classe' (1987). He was present in L'Écho des Savanes with the stories 'Cours Camarade' and 'Le Chemin de l'Amérique'. In 1995, Baru finally broke through to a larger comics audience with the stunning euro-manga 'L'Autoroute du Soleil', which won the prestigious Alph' Art award for the best original French language comic. Baru then continued his comics output with Casterman with the impressive sixties tribute, 'Sur la Route Encore' (1997), the cynical apocalyptic drama, 'Bonne Année' (1998), and the series 'Les Années Spoutnik' (1999-2003). His next graphic novels were published by Astiberra ('La Autopista del Sol', 2003) and the Aire Libre collection of the publishing house Dupuis ('L'Enragé', 2004-2006). Text (c) Lambiek

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