For sale - Kirby Hulk 1965 page -- Marvel Cartoon blueprint! by Jack Kirby - Comic Strip

Kirby Hulk 1965 page -- Marvel Cartoon blueprint!

Comic Strip
46 x 31 cm (18,11 x 12,2 in.)
Price : 8,400 €  [$]
Kirby Hulk 1965 page -- Marvel Cartoon blueprint!


This twice up early page has it all- great images of the Hulk, the Leader, and the panels are obviously the blueprint for the Marvel cartoon of the 1960s. It's mind blowing, the Leader's huge head, the Hulk's close up face, this is pure Marvelmania when it all began! Price includes shipping, but insurance is extra as the buyer wishes.

Cette page deux fois plus récente a tout pour plaire - de superbes images du Hulk, le Leader, et les panneaux sont évidemment le modèle du dessin animé Marvel des années 1960. C'est époustouflant, la grosse tête du chef, le visage rapproché de Hulk, c'est de la pure Marvelmania quand tout a commencé! Le prix inclut les frais d'expédition, mais l'assurance est en sus, selon les souhaits de l'acheteur.

About Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby ( August 28, 1917 – February 6, 1994), born Jacob Kurtzberg, was an American comic book artist, writer, and editor widely regarded as one of the medium's major innovators and one of its most prolific and influential creators. Kirby grew up poor in New York City, and learned to draw cartoon figures by tracing characters from comic strips and editorial cartoons. He entered the nascent comics industry in the 1930s, drawing various comics features under different pen names, including Jack Curtiss, before ultimately settling on Jack Kirby. In 1940, he and writer-editor Joe Simon created the highly successful superhero character Captain America for Timely Comics, predecessor of Marvel Comics. During the 1940s, Kirby, generally teamed with Simon, created numerous characters for that company and for National Comics, later to become DC Comics.

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