Killoffer, pl de Donjon Les Profondeurs by Joann Sfar, Lewis Trondheim, Killoffer - Comic Strip

Killoffer, pl de Donjon Les Profondeurs

Comic Strip


Pl 32 qui reprend le thème de la couverture. Il faut noter le soin extrême de Killoffer dans le dessin. Par exemple le décor de la dernière case est complètement re-dessiné, ce n'est pas une bête photocopie de la case précédente.

About Joann Sfar

Nice-born Joann Sfar studied painting before enrolling at the Parisian School of Fine Arts in the Morphology section. He made his debut in 1994 when the publishing house Cornélius published his first book, 'Les Aventures d'Ossour Hyrsidoux'. He then became one of the regular artists of the renewing publishing house L'Association, and published his comics on a regular base in the movement's review Lapin, and in its Patte de Mouche collection. With Lewis Trondheim, he launched the 'Donjon' saga in 1998, which became a hype in the comics world. This series, about a fictive kingdom, has been added up with several sub-series. While Sfar and Trondheim do both scenario and the artwork on the main series, several befriended artists were assigned to draw the spin-offs. Christophe Blain did the 'Donjon Potron-Minet' series, situated 100 years before the main title, that is now called 'Donjon Zénith'. The 'Donjon Crépuscule' series was situated in the future, and drawn by Sfar.

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