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Kelly and Me (1957) by Reynold Brown - Illustration

Kelly and Me (1957)

33" x 15"


Reynold Brown's 24-sheet billboard movie poster painting for KELLY AND ME (1957).

"Kelly is a big, lovable, immensely talented German Shepherd. "Me" is Len Carmody (Van Johnson), a third-rate vaudevillian. Carmody's fortunes take an upswing when he teams with the personable Kelly for professional reasons. When talking pictures come in, Carmody is signed to appear in short subjects, only to discover that it's the dog the producers want, rather than him. As if this wasn't enough for Carmody to worry about, Kelly's original owner pops up out of nowhere, demanding that the dog be returned to him. As something of a balm, Carmody enjoys the romantic attentions of two lovely ladies: Mina Van Runkel (Piper Laurie), daughter of movie-studio owner Walter Van Runkel (Onslow Stevens), and cinema vamp Lucy Castle (Martha Hyer)."

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YoannB Fabulous! I really like the portaits! (and Martha Hyer...)
Sep 27, 2018, 3:23 PM