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Judge Dredd - Trifecta - 2000AD Prog 1812 by Carl Critchlow - Comic Strip

Judge Dredd - Trifecta - 2000AD Prog 1812

Comic Strip
Published page.


A splash page featuring the main protagonists from the superb Trifecta story from 2000AD Prog 1812 featuring the Simp Judge Harry Point, a damaged Dredd, Chief Judge Hershey and the wonderfully filthy Dirty Frank.

Point states, "who the hell's going to mess with us?" which is a lovely nod to Carlos Ezquerra's final page to Judgement Day in Prog 799 which featured a splash page of Johnny Alpha and Dredd saying the same thing.

Artwork is by Carl Critchlow.


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About Carl Critchlow

Carl Critchlow (born 1963) is a British fantasy and science fiction comic illustrator. He is best known for his character Thrud the Barbarian, which originally appeared in White Dwarf magazine, and for his work for the Lobster Random comics.