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Flesh - The legend of Shamana by Carl Critchlow - Original Cover

Flesh - The legend of Shamana

Original Cover
Mixed Media
38 x 29 cm (14.96 x 11.42 in.)
Detail 1
Detail 2
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Flesh debuted in 2000 AD's first issue in 1977. The series was set in the age of dinosaurs who were farmed for their meat by cowboys from the future. The series was initially planned by Mills to be in Action, but after that title suffered censorship, Mills held the story back for his next project which eventually became 2000 AD.


  • Flesh: The Dino Files
  • 2000 Ad Graphic Novels
  • 2011-09-15
  • Page xx

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About Carl Critchlow

Carl Critchlow (born 1963) is a British fantasy and science fiction comic illustrator. He is best known for his character Thrud the Barbarian, which originally appeared in White Dwarf magazine, and for his work for the Lobster Random comics.