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Jacques Pyon - Arlette by Jacques Pyon - Illustration

Jacques Pyon - Arlette

Dany le Rouge (2001)


Arlette, une ravissante pin-up très fifties, assez éloignée des productions habituelles de Jacques Pyon, est une des héroïnes de la partie "jeux" de l'album "Dany Le rouge, la perfection au masculin" (Les Requinq Marteaux, 2001).

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About Jacques Pyon

Jacques Pyon was an artist with the Parisian underground scene that concentrated mainly around Un Regard Moderne, Jacques Noël's "underground" comic bookstore. Together with contemporaries like the Bazooka Group, Pascal Doury, Bruno Richard, Placid and Caro, he formed a base for the graphic comic culture of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Inspired by masters like Basil Wolverton and Bill Ward, Pyon was a contributor of Hara-Kiri with Charlie Schlingo, before moving into the field of independent fanzines like Le Havane Primesautier. Pyon has collected his work in several books with publishers like Artefact, Crapule, L'Atelier, Sortez la Chienne, CBO and Les Rqequins Marteaux. By 1980 he also turned to press illustrations. Since then, his work has appeared on the pages of magazines like Marie Claire, Lire, Sciences et Vie, Weirdo (USA), Sniffin Rock (GB), Up's Magazine, Vanity (Italy), Le Monde de L'éducation, Hacker's, Wake Up, SLC, Fripounet, Vogue (Germany), Création, Actuel, Okapi, Métal Hurlant and Télérama. Since the 1990s he is also working on animation projects. Text (c) Lambiek