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Illustration de couverture de Geppo. by Pierluigi Sangalli - Comic Strip

Illustration de couverture de Geppo.

Comic Strip
Papier dessin.
20.5 x 16.5 cm (8.07 x 6.5 in.)
Certificat d'authenticité.


Illustration de couverture d'un Geppo.


Doccia Infernale Sagalli


Rare dessin de couverture de Geppo.

About Pierluigi Sangalli

Pierluigi Sangalli is a longtime artist of Italian humorous pocket publications, published by the publishing houses Alpe and Bianconi. Together with artists like Alberico Motta, Sandro Dossi, Tiberio Colantuoni and Nicola Del Principe, he drew for the Italian production of stories with American characters like 'Popeye' ('Braccio di Ferro'), and 'Felix the Cat'. His credits also include comics with TV and puppet theatre characters, such as 'Provolino', 'Topo Gigio' and 'Provolino'. Mostly during the 1960s, Sangalli (co-)created a great many characters himself, such as 'Giannina Calamity', 'Pignatta', 'Superboy', 'Zurlino', 'Devy Crock', 'Dormy West', 'Piso e Cece' and 'Vernaccia'. In the 1990s followed 'Adam' and 'Piccola Dea'. He has also illustrated stories with 'Il Fantasma Eugenio', 'Geppo', 'Chico' and 'Mago Merlotto'. Text (c) Lambiek

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