For sale - Graine de folie (La) Planche 34 by Emmanuel Civiello - Comic Strip

Graine de folie (La) Planche 34

Comic Strip
Mixed Media
60.00 x 44.50 cm (23.62 x 17.52 in.)
Price : 1,400 €  [$]


Auteur de Graine de folie, Korrigans, Mamma Mia, Dynastie des Dragons, Conan le Cimmérien ...

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About Emmanuel Civiello

Emmanuel Civiello was born in Lille, France in 1973. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Angouleme and Brussels. He made his debut in comics in 1996, with the publication of the first volume of 'La Graine de Folie'. Civiello is especially inspired by the work of René Hausman, Brian Froud and Alan Lee. He likes to work at night, to celtic music that provokes a legendary, medieval atmosphere. Together with writer Thomas Mosdi, he created the new series 'Korrigans'. His work is published regularly in magazine Heavy Metal. Emmanuel Civiello lives and works in Los Angeles. Text (c) Lambiek