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George Perez Robin by George Perez - Sketch

George Perez Robin




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About George Perez

George Pérez (born June 9, 1954) is an American writer and illustrator of comic books, whose titles include The Avengers, Teen Titans, and Wonder Woman. Writer Peter David has named Pérez his favorite artistic collaborator. Pérez's first involvement with the professional comics industry was as artist Rich Buckler's assistant in 1973, and made his professional debut in Marvel Comics' Astonishing Tales #25 (Aug. 1974) as penciler of an untitled two-page satire of Buckler's character Deathlok, star of that comic's main feature. Soon Pérez became a Marvel regular, penciling a run of "Sons of the Tiger", a serialized action-adventure strip published in Marvel's long-running Deadly Hands of Kung Fu magazine and authored by Bill Mantlo. He and Mantlo co-created the White Tiger (comics' first Puerto Rican superhero) a character that soon appeared in Marvel's color comics, most notably the Spider-Man titles.