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Galaxy by Vaughn Bodé - Original art


Original art


Seems to be a prelim for a cover. Maybe someone can help with further information?


Signed by Bodé on the backside with date

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About Vaughn Bodé

Vaughn Bodé attended Syracuse University, where his first work, 'The Man and the Cheech Wizard' was published (this title was later reprinted by the Print Mint in 1972). Moving to Manhattan in 1969, Bodé worked as an editor on the first two issues of Gothic Blimp Works. His expressive art appeared in dozens of magazines through the early days of the underground comix era: 'Lizard Zen', 'Cosmic Circus', 'Junkwaffle', 'Deadbone Erotica' and several collections of 'Cheech Wizard'. Now, many years after his untimely death, Bodé is still a big influence on the hip-hop and graffiti scene that emerged in the eighties. His son, Mark Bodé, also a comic artist, occasionally does the artwork on some of his father's unfinished scripts. Text (c) Lambiek