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Guillaume Lapeyre, Elsa Brants, Dédicace Les chroniques de Magon - Sketch

Dédicace Les chroniques de Magon

Mixed Media


Utopiales 2012

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About Guillaume Lapeyre

Born in Sète, Guillaume Lapeyre studied Plastic Arts as well as Law in Montpellier. He joined a comics association in 1998 and met Elsa Brants, who became his wife and his colorist. The pair created their first work for Lanfeust Mag in 2002 and started the series 'Les Chroniques de Magon' with writer Nicolas Jarry shortly afterwards. This series ran from 2003 to 2008. Lapeyre and Brants also cooperated on the collective series 'Les Contes de Brocélande' and 'Les Contes du Korrigan' of Soleil Productions. Together with Jarry, they created the series 'Ether' for Editions Delcourt in 2007, and with Rémi Guérin they started 'Explorers' for Soleil in 2009. Text (c) Lambiek