Ruppert & Mulot, Dédicace dans La Grande Odalisque - Sketch

Dédicace dans La Grande Odalisque

Felt-tip pen

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About Ruppert & Mulot

The French comics duo Florent Ruppert and Jérôme Mulot met at the Superior National Art School of Dijon. Together they created the fanzine Del Aventure. Cooperating on both the scripts and the artwork, they have participated in small press fanzines like Bile Noire and Le Nouveau Journal de Judith et Marinette. When their 2005 contribution to Ferraille Illustré was noted by Jean-Christophe Menu, they got the opportunity to work for the publishing house L'Association. They published their book 'Safari Monseigneur' in the publisher's collection Ciboulette and contributed to the publications L'Éprouvette and Lapin. Futher books were 'La Poubelle de la Place Vendôme' in the collection Patte de Mouche and another book for Ciboulette, 'Panier de Singe'. Text (c) Lambiek