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De Rode Ridder - Le Chevalier Rouge by Karel Biddeloo - Sketch

De Rode Ridder - Le Chevalier Rouge


About Karel Biddeloo

Karel Biddeloo, who sometimes used the pseudonym Bik, was born in Wuustwezel, Belgium in 1943. He studied arts in Antwerp and after his military service, he got a job as an advertising painter for the Grand Bazar department stores. In 1967 he became an artist with the Vandersteen Studios, where he collaborated on series such as 'Biggles', 'Safari', 'Karl May', and 'De Rode Ridder' ('The Red Knight'). He eventually gained total creative control of 'De Rode Ridder' in 1969, and elevated it from a common knight adventure story to a series filled with "sword and sorcery" and sci-fi influences. Text (c) Lambiek
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