For sale - Dave Sim Cerebus #26 p10 High Society by Dave Sim - Comic Strip

Dave Sim Cerebus #26 p10 High Society

Comic Strip
circa 1979
32 x 45 cm (12,6 x 17,72 in.)
Price : 2,000 €  [$]




Great early semi-splash from the first issue of the High Society storyline. You gotta love the last lines..."Sipping thoughtfully from his finger bowl...There was only one thing that would alleviate his foul mood. Cerebus had to find someone to beat up."....simply hilarious!!!

About Dave Sim

David Victor Sim (born 17 May 1956) is a Canadian cartoonist and publisher, best known for his comic book Cerebus, his artistic experimentation, his advocacy of self-publishing and creator's rights, and his controversial political, philosophical and religious beliefs. Sim dropped out of high school to pursue a career in comics, and rose to prominence after he began Cerebus in December 1977. Initially, Cerebus was a parody of Conan the Barbarian and other sword and sorcery comics, but after two years Sim came to conceive of the series as a self-complete work, which would run for 300 issues and be subdivided into "novels". By the time the 6000-page work was completed in March 2004, Sim had delved into politics, theology, metaphysics, and a controversial examination of feminism and gender issues, while becoming progressively more sophisticated and experimental in his storytelling and artwork.

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