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Sammy Harkham, Crickets #8 (2022) / Blood of the Virgin - French edition (2023) Cover - Original Cover

Crickets #8 (2022) / Blood of the Virgin - French edition (2023) Cover

Original Cover
27.686 x 36.83 cm (10.9 x 14.5 in.)


Cover of both Crickets #8 which features the last installment of the "Blood of the Virgin" story as well as the cover of the French edition of the collected Blood of the Virgin that comes out in 2023 by Éditions Cornélius.

Pencil, ink and white out on bristol board.


S. harkham


Over the moon to have this piece. Crickets, which since issue #3, has been where Sammy Harkham has been serializing his story Blood of the Virgin for 12 years, has been my favorite ongoing comic.

This cover features the main characters Seymour, Ida and their child at a crossroads, literally and metaphorically, with Seymour pushing the walk button but they have yet to cross. There is also a big "DON'T WALK" sign lit up over the couple so take what you will of that detail.

They are in the Fairfax District of LA which is historically a Jewish area of town, both Seymour and Ida are Jewish and it figures prominently in the story, and where Canter's Deli is located, which is where two key scenes in both the first installment of the story and this last installment. Also the storefront with the address featured in the background is the location of the unfortunately now closed Family Bookstore of which Harkham was a co-founder.


  • Blood of the virgin
  • Cornelius
  • 02/2023
  • Front cover

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