Crayonné pour Zélie Nord-Sud by Cosey - Original art

Crayonné pour Zélie Nord-Sud

Original art


Crayonné pour Zélie Nord-Sud




Trait commun à tous mes originaux de Cosey (sauf en ce qui concerne la planche de Greyshore Island) : la présence de doux visages !


  • Echo
  • Daniel Maghen
  • 10/2007
  • Extra

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About Cosey

Cosey is one of the most important Swiss comics artists of all time. He was part of a new generation of European comics artists who emerged in the 1960s and 1970s, making stories for more mature audiences rather than just children. He broke new ground with his philosophical travel stories, many of them one-shot albums, but he also created a full-blown series named 'Jonathan' (1975). Cosey's characters are always on the search, both literally as well as mentally. His comics depict picturesque landscapes set in Europe, Asia or America, but are first and foremost intelligent character studies where the protagonists undertake a spiritual journey to find their inner self. Cosey always makes his stories a multi-media experience. In each album he suggests novels, films and musical records which fit the mood of that particular story. It's up to the reader to check them out before or after reading his work. Or - in the case of his recommended songs - play them as background music.