For sale - Couverture

Couverture "Les Pompiers"

Original Cover
Encre de Chine sur papier
42 x 29.7 cm (16.54 x 11.69 in.)
Price : 450 €  [$]


Couverture originale de la réédition 2019 du tome 1 « Des gars des eaux », de la série « Les Pompiers ». Le tome 1 était initialement paru en février 2003.



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About Stédo

Stéphane Dauvin, who signs with Stédo, was born in Libramont. He studied Applied Arts in both Dinant and Liège, and began his career working for the magazine Spirou in 1999. He produced numerous short stories, gag pages and illustrations, as well as the series 'Feuilleton des Gens Bons'. Between 2002 and 2007, he took over the artwork of 'Garage Isidore' from Olis (text by François Gilson). Besides Spirou, he drew 'Monde de Micheline' for Fluide Glacial, and has worked on several humor comics for Bamboo since 2002. His first book for Bamboo was 'SOS Shobiz' in cooperation with Erroc and Olivier Sulpice in 2002. He makes 'Les Pompiers', a humorous series about a fire brigade, with Christophe Cazenove since 2003, as well as 'Mafia Tuno' with Hervé Richez since 2011. Text (c) Lambiek