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Dragan De Lazare, Edgar Pierre Jacobs, Couv. La Marque Rousse Rubine - Original Cover

Couv. La Marque Rousse Rubine

Original Cover
30 x 41 cm (11.81 x 16.14 in.)
4 ème de couverture
Hommage collateral


Couverture imaginaire de Rubine en hommage à Edgard Jabobs.
C'est aussi la 4ème de couverture de Morceaux choisis de Dragan édité par "La vache qui médite.
A été publié dans Hommage collatéral Natacha et Rubine.


  • Morceaux choisis
  • La Vache Qui Médite
  • 10/2017
  • Back cover


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About Dragan De Lazare

Dragan de Lazare was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1964 into a family of Yugoslav diplomats. He became interested in comics by reading the work of franco-belgian artists like Macherot, Deliège, Tillieux, Hermann and Franquin. In 1986, he decided to move to Paris, where he received an education in interior decorating. At the same time, he made several comic pages for Yugoslav comic magazines like Strip Zabavnik and Val Strip. In 1989, his work first appeared on the French market with 'Le Témoin', an album starring 'Yves Rokatansky'. Two years later, De Lazare met Mythic, who asked him to participate in the creation of 'Rubine' with François Walthéry. De Lazare has illustrated this police series until 2002, and then handed over the artwork to Boyan. He has also contributed to the Belgrade comic magazine Finesa. De Lazare eventually left the European comics profession and is now an editor of greetings cards in Belgrade, Serbia. He has also been working on new comic book projects with Bozidar Milojkovic (Bam), such as the adaptation of the classic western movie 'High Noon'. Text (c) Lambiek