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Coucho - Fluide Glacial/Les Dents de la Mer (70's/80's) - Original Illustration

Coucho - Fluide Glacial/Les Dents de la Mer (70's/80's)

Original Illustration


Illustration de Marcel Coucho d'après le film Les Dents de la Mer, vraisemblablement pour la page abonnement du magazine Fluide Glacial... avec de la trame "à l'ancienne". vraissemblablement datant de l'époque de sortie du film ou du début des année 80.

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About Coucho

Marcel Couchaux, better known as Coucho, ws one of the regular contributors to the magazines Pilote and Fluide Glacial from the late 1970s. He started out with scripting stories for Jean Pailler in Pilote in 1977. He subsequently created series 'Déconan le barbaresque', which was published in album by Dargaud in 1979. Soon afterwards, his work appeared in L'Écho des Savanes and mainly Fluide Glacial. In this magazine, he began series such as 'L'Homme au Costar Gludure', 'Poumo-Thorax' and the heroic-fantasy parody 'Le Banni'. All these series were collected in books by Éditions Audie, and 'Le Banni' reappeared in Caoutchouc magazine in 1992. Coucho also continued to work for Pilote, and his work was collected in the albums 'Chute à Tiroirs' and 'Les Aventures de...'. At Éditions Vitamines, he made 'Le Dossier des Affaires' in 1983. From June 1984, Coucho contributed to Charlie Mensuel, creating the series 'Doc Savedge'. In 1986 and, he attempted the launch of two new magazines, the first one, called Marcel, lasted for only one issue, and the second one, Le Banni, lasted for four issues.

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