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Celestia by Manuele Fior - Sketch



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About Manuele Fior

Manuele Fior was born in Cesena, Italy. After his studies in architecture at the University of Venice, he settled in Berlin, Germany in the early 2000s. He headed for Oslo in 2005 and has lived and worked in Paris since shortly afterwards. In Berlin, he worked as an illustrator, and began an association with comics publisher Avant-Verlag and their magazine Plaque, while his work in the French language is published by the Geneva-based publisher Atrabile. He further published short stories in international publications like Black, MogaMobo, Forresten and Stripburger, as well as illustrations to the Norwegian review Natt og Dag and weekly Ny Tid. As an homage to his homeland, he created 'Menschen am Sonntag' ('Les gens le dimanche'), a partially autobiographic tale about a group of Italians abroad, in 2004. He made the graphic novel 'Icarus' ('Rosso Oltremare') in 2006. Fior has often drawn influences from painters, like in his adaptation of the Schnitzler novel 'Mademoisselle Else' (Delcourt, 2010), and his short story about painter Arnold Böcklin called 'The Painter' in Le Monde diplomatique in 2011. Fior won the first prize at the Angoulême Comics Festival 2012 for his fullcolor graphic novel about friendship, the choices in life and expectations, called '5000 kilomètres par seconde' ('Fünftausend Kilometer in der Sekunde'). Text (c) Lambiek