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Carlos Nine - Donjon monsters 8 Crève-Coeur - Page 25 - Comic Strip

Carlos Nine - Donjon monsters 8 Crève-Coeur - Page 25

Comic Strip
39 x 29 cm (15.35 x 11.42 in.)


Donjon Monsters Tome 8 - Crève-coeur Page 25
Encre de Chine sur papier
Format : 39 x 29 cm


Un Donjon Monsters des plus atypique avec une histoire centrée sur le personnage d'Alexandra.
et se déroulant sur la période Porton-minet.
J'adore le trait de Carlos Nine. C'est parfois un peu brouillon et difficile à suivre mais c'est un pur ravissement pour les yeux.


  • Crève-Cœur
  • Delcourt
  • 01/2004
  • Page 25

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About Carlos Nine

Carlos Nine's style can't be classified. His comics and other artworks are filled with strange and deformed characters, human shaped objects and gelatinous structures. His disturbing and grotesque oeuvre was never meant for a mainstream audience, but did earn him wide critical praise. He was active in several artistic fields, including illustration, comic art, painting, sculpting, animation, writing and painting murals. After his studies in Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, he decided to become a professional painter and illustrator, inspired by classical masters like Francisco Goya, Diego Velázquez and Hieronymus Bosch. He soon became an international acclaimed illustrator with a neo-figurative art style, whose work is published in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, the States, Europe, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Narratively, he worked in the tradition of Boris Vian and the Argentinean writer Roberto Arlt. His comics work is especially popular in France.