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Carl Barks Donald Duck Trick or Treat page par Carl Barks - Planche originale

Carl Barks Donald Duck Trick or Treat page

Planche originale
Encre de Chine
Trick or Treat page lithograph


Carl Barks pencilled and inked over 6000 pages. Nearly all of them were destroyed at the printing plant. Today only around 200 finished and inked Barks original pages and covers are in existence, most of them from the mid-1960s. From Barks´ prime period 1947-1953, only around 15 pages still exist (all of them outtakes and censored pages). This is a cultural tragedy.
This page was created for the Donald Duck Trick or Treat story, published in Donald Duck 26, 1952. It belongs to a nine page sequence that was censored at the time and not included in the published version. Presumably it was censored because of the scary elements, not least the ogre Smorgasbord, prominently featured in this page.
The uncensored Trick or Treat story was first officially published in the Netherlands in 1984 (I believe). First US publication in Another Rainbow´s Carl Barks Library in 1986. The last one is more complete than the Dutch version.
The German company 313 made a signed lithograph out of this page in the 1990s. But rest assured, this is the original. Compare a scan of the litho in the additional image.

A propos de Carl Barks

Carl Barks est un auteur de bande dessinée américain né le 27 mars 1901 à Merrill (Oregon) et mort le 25 août 2000 à Grants Pass (Oregon). Employé par Western Publishing, un éditeur de "comics" américains pour Disney, il dessina pendant de nombreuses années des bandes dessinées mettant en scène le personnage de Donald Duck et ses proches. Il a grandement étoffé l'univers de Donaldville, en créant notamment Balthazar Picsou et la plupart des personnages qui s'y rapportent. Jusqu'à Don Rosa, aucun auteur Disney n'aura eu droit à autant de popularité que lui. Beaucoup de dessinateurs contemporains de BD Disney reconnaissent son influence.


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